COVID-19 Virus Update

As I am sure many of you are aware, California is experiencing an increase in the reported COVID cases.  We have just learned that two of our residents that were roommates have tested positive for COVID.  As a result, certain restrictions will be either be put back in place or be implemented for the first time in an effort to mitigate the spread of the infection and protect our residents and staff.

Restritction Reopen Announcement

As some states begin to “reopen,” our family members and residents understandably want to know when community restrictions may be lifted. Current visitation restrictions will continue at this time. However, we have begun allowing scheduled visits on the front porch with the following restrictions…

Community Update – NO Residents with COVID-19

We want to reiterate our thanks for all of your support and continued patience as we work through this crisis. As promised, we are providing you with an update on what is going on in our community related to the COVID-19 virus. We still have no residents that are showing signs or symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19.